Вышли обновления:
Feb 13: CineForm Neo v1.1.0 Build 108
Discussion: Valuable feature updates!  Read more....
Also Note: The Trial security is reset for all users at 7 days.  Even if you used the Trial previously you can now get a new version with 7 days of full functionality.
Added Support for Canon 5D Mark II and other MOV-wrapped AVCHD sources.
Added Deinterlacing control.  Deinterlacing will provide 30p from 60i source or 25p from 50i source.
Added Support for MP4 extensions of AVCHD files.

Feb 13: CineForm Мас v2.30 Build 76:
Summary:  Added MTS, M2TS, and MP4 file support for AVCHD cameras. Also added interface enhancements to ReMaster plus performance improvements.
Added MTS, m2ts, and MP4 file conversion for AVCHD camera support, plus.
Added spatial resampling when writing a ProRes file from CineForm source.
Added For Red source, added decoder controls for denoise, debayer and OLPF.
Added Added AJA Kona support pending future driver release from AJA.
Improved Simplified the selection of deinterlace and pulldown removal within ReMaster.
Improved Authenticator now indicates the type of license.
Improved QuickTime movie is now created with header to allow correct aspect ratio playback for 1440x1080 and 960x720.
Fixed à 1/4 resolution decode of 422 material.